If you’re feeling pressured by your partner, take a deep breath and know we are here to support you at our clinic in Ypsilanti, Michigan. 

Schedule a no-cost appointment in a safe space where you can process your feelings and emotions in a pressure-free and confidential environment.

As you navigate your partner’s pressure, here are a few truths we’d like to share.

1. The Decision Is Yours to Make.

While your partner’s opinion does matter, it’s not fair for him to pressure you. He might not mean to apply pressure, but he could be feeling nervous, anxious, or not in control of the situation.

Give him some breathing room, and also make some room for yourself. At the end of the day, you are the one currently pregnant and have to make a decision that will stay with you into the future. 

2. A Pressured Decision Is Not Your True Decision.

It’s easy to think we’re resilient to pressure, but often we just convince ourselves that what someone else wants is what we want, especially if we care about the person’s opinion. In reality we’re just trying to maintain a connection with someone else by avoiding disagreement. But it’s ok to disagree and make the decision that is best for us. In the end, it will be better for the relationship anyway. 

No matter if a partner or parent is pressuring you into taking a particular path, if you are not 100% on board, it wasn’t really your decision. 

A research study found that women who were pressured into an abortion decision were more likely to experience negative mental health effects afterward. For your future mental health, it’s essential to explore your feelings.

3. Exploring Your Feelings Can Help You Decide.

To explore your feelings, ask yourself hard questions. You need to pinpoint your true desires for your pregnancy and beyond.

Here are a few questions to ask:

  • Do I have any existing maternal desires? Do I want to be a parent?
  • Do I have any conflicting moral beliefs that would make abortion difficult for me?
  • Do I want abortion or any other choice to be a part of my story?

Understanding how you feel can help you make an informed decision outside of the pressure.

Note: If your partner’s pressure crosses the line into verbal or physical abuse or threats, seek help immediately by reaching out to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Verify Your Pregnancy for No Cost

As you think about all the factors that can go into making a pregnancy decision, verify your pregnancy status with an ultrasound scan at our clinic.

As many as 10-20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage before the 20th week, and there’s also a 2% chance of ectopic pregnancy (a life-threatening condition). An ultrasound can verify you’re pregnant with a progressing pregnancy, reveal your options, and help protect your health and safety.

Schedule an appointment today to process your feelings, gain support, and receive an ultrasound scan.