Telling your partner about your pregnancy or how you’re considering abortion can be challenging. These types of conversations are difficult because they come with risks.

How will your partner respond? What will he think? Will he want to leave?

While you do not have to do anything, we recommend you tell your partner about wanting an abortion, and here are three reasons why.

1. The Decision Will Impact Your Partner

Whether you tell your partner or not, your pregnancy choice will impact his future. If you choose to tell him, he will have a chance to be a part of a mutual decision. This point relates to our next reason.

2. Honesty Builds Trust

Building trust and avoiding secrets is critical if you value a long-term relationship with this person. 

Keeping a secret like this one could cause you to feel a weight on your shoulders. It can make it difficult for you to want to let your guard down and open up, hindering your communication.

If you’re still together in the future and the secret comes out, there’s a risk of breaking his trust in you and causing a rift. For a strong relationship, trust and communication are everything. 

3. He Can Support You 

If you tell your partner, he can support you through pregnancy and your situation.
Remember, he can’t read your mind or know the reasons behind your feelings. Letting him in invites him to help you, so you won’t feel alone and can decide together.

When You’re Concerned About His Reaction

Our three reasons apply when you’re in a relationship with a respectful partner. If you’re afraid of a violent reaction or outburst, you might not want to tell your partner about your pregnancy

This concern is entirely understandable.

These situations are different and require care. Consider telling your partner about your pregnancy over the phone, in the presence of friends, or in a public setting.
In severe cases where you’re concerned about your safety and need help, call the domestic abuse hotline at 800-799-7233 or text “START” to 88788. 

Pregnancy Support in the Ann Arbor Area

We can support you at Sienna Women’s Health with no-cost pregnancy services, such as pregnancy testing and ultrasounds, along with resources and information. 

Schedule a no-cost appointment to speak with us in a confidential setting. We can listen as you process your emotions and consider telling your partner about your pregnancy. Schedule online today!