Generally speaking, insurance companies will not extend coverage to other individuals unless there is a legal financial obligation. This means insurance will only extend to your girlfriend if she is your legal spouse or domestic partner.

However, every insurance company differs in its policies, so calling your insurance provider’s customer service line can help clarify any of your coverage questions. This will also be the time to ask about abortion coverage, as not all insurance companies cover elective abortion procedures or abortion pills.

I Found Out She’s Not Covered. Now What?

If you did find out your insurance coverage doesn’t extend to your girlfriend, you can still help her find health insurance. Pregnancy is a serious health condition. She needs medical attention at an affordable price, whether she’s leaning toward abortion or another option.

Here are a few areas to consider when seeking insurance coverage.

1. Your Relationship Status

If you were planning to get married or establish a domestic partnership already, and know it will allow you to extend your insurance coverage, now might be the time.

After, you’d be able to add her to your insurance coverage. However, this is a long-term commitment and not one to take lightly. Could you be with your partner forever? Are you ready for this next chapter?
If you can’t answer that question easily or honestly, maybe pause on this plan for now.

2. Your Partner’s Employment

Employer-provided health insurance is usually more affordable than private insurance coverage. Ask your partner to gather information on benefits at her place of work. If she’s part-time right now, this could require her to become a full-time employee.

3. Michigan Medicaid

Michigan offers insurance coverage for pregnant women who meet their income eligibility requirements. If she does qualify, she will receive comprehensive health coverage through pregnancy and two months after her pregnancy ends (regardless of the reason).

However, even if your partner exceeds the income requirement, she could be eligible for Michigan’s Group 2 Pregnant Women program. This program provides a deductible for medical expenses.

If your partner’s not employed with benefits, this is your best step for receiving coverage. 

Other options include private insurance (likely the least cost-effective option) and additional community resources or programs specific to your area.

Medical Services & Support at Our Clinic

Sienna Women’s Health offers no-cost pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, pregnancy support, and referrals, regardless of your partner’s insurance status.

We can also chat with you about available options and resources and answer any questions you may have. Schedule a confidential appointment today! We’re here for both of you.