First, breathe in and breathe out. 

The over-simplified answer is no, abortion is not your only option. But before you get overwhelmed, you should confirm your pregnancy is viable. About 20% of pregnancies end on their own. You may not even have a decision to make. You can schedule a no-cost appointment with us to find out. However, if you are pregnant, abortion is the only option out of abortion, adoption, and parenting, that involves ending your pregnancy before carrying to term.

If you don’t want to have an abortion, you have options. There are several things to consider but above all we want to make sure that your health, safety, and future are priorities when making these big decisions.

Evaluate What You Truly Want

If you’re torn between pregnancy and abortion, it’s time for some self-honesty. 

Making a pro and con list is one way to hash out your feelings, but there’s also peace in finding a quiet space to sit and think. You could find a bench in a park on a nice day, or even lay on your bed and stare at the ceiling for a while. Where can you go to process?

It’s critical to break away from any pressure, strong opinions, and the noise of worry and fear. As you’re in this place, begin picturing your life in different circumstances.

What if you chose abortion? How would you feel in the moments and years after? What, if anything, would change in your life? Are you comfortable with abortion being a part of your story?

Now, apply the same questions to parenting, and then adoption. 

This mental exercise can help you get to the heart of your feelings. What do you truly want? Only you can answer and make the decision about your pregnancy and future.

If you’re having a hard time processing what you want on your own, you can come in and talk to our staff. We’re here to listen, let you process your thoughts and feelings, and help you make the decision that’s best for you in a safe, judgment-free space. You can make an appointment for any time that works for you. 

Questioning What’s Possible?

Every woman, regardless of her situation, has three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. While some of these options are more difficult for some women than others, it doesn’t mean any of them are impossible. 

There are resources available to ensure you can choose adoption or parenting if you’d prefer those choices. Local organizations, government programs, Medicaid, adoption agencies, and other forms of assistance can support you by providing for your needs. We can get you connected to any resources you need.

There’s More to Explore

This article barely scratches the surface as you evaluate your options, but hopefully it gives you a starting point. There’s certainly more to explore if you feel you’re at a crossroads, and we can help.

While you think through the possibilities, know we have caring staff ready to listen to you and provide helpful information on resources. We also provide initial, no-cost medical services at our clinic including pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. 
Make an appointment at a time convenient with your schedule. We can provide a safe, confidential space for you to receive pregnancy support and services. You’re not alone.