Considering Adoption?

Many women find adoption provides the life they desire for their child. No matter what situation brought them to the point of considering adoption, they only want what is best. It is a difficult and brave decision.

Birth mothers never pay for adoption services. In some cases, there may be funds available to help with expenses like medical, rent, utilities, etc.

Types of Adoption Plans

There are three adoption plans available. As the birth mother, you can make as many or as few decisions as you want. Begin by choosing the right adoption plan for you and your child.

Open Adoption

The majority of adoptions today are open. The birth mother has open communication with her chosen adoptive family and her child with this plan.

Confidential/Closed Adoption

This plan offers the birth mother complete privacy. There is no contact between the birth mother, adoptive family, or the child.

Semi-Open Adoption

A birth mother and adoptive family communicate through a third party (like an adoption agency or attorney).

Choosing The Adoptive Parents

The adoption specialist you choose conducts background checks and home visits while looking at the medical history, financial statements, and photographs of potential adoptive parents. The specialist carefully screens each couple.

As the birth mother, you can choose the family for your child. If you select an open adoption plan, you have the opportunity to meet the adoptive parents ahead of time. You begin building a close relationship before your baby is born.

Making Your Adoption Decision

None of your options are easy, but we’re here to walk alongside you. Although challenging, choosing adoption has many benefits:

  • You can continue with your education or career
  • Avoid becoming a parent until you are ready
  • Be free of the responsibilities that come with parenting
  • Provide a loving home with adoptive parents for your child

Schedule a no-cost appointment with one of our peer counselors. We can discuss adoption in detail and provide you with referrals to various adoption agencies.